Smoothie Q is committed to community service and giving back in means of feeding the hungry, families who need assistance due to disabilities, Orphans and more. We are not limited to just the community we are located, but any community. Every Friday, Smoothie Q donates a portion of all of their proceeds between the community they are in, Joni & Friends, and The Life House. Below you can read about the organizations that they are committed to.

1. The community that we are in, is the lower Pottsgrove township. We serve Berks and Montgomery County. It is important to us to ensure that no one in our neighborhood goes hungry. During the week there is a drop box where our guest can drop a card in them with a family’s name that is needing assistance with food, we pull a card every Friday at closing to get the family’s name in need. At the end of the month when the funds are allocated, we feed four families that are need for food by way of gift cards to their local grocery store. If you want to get involved you can donate to this cause by visiting Smoothie Q and purchase anything on their menu as well as drop a name of a family that you know is in need of assistance with food in the box available in the store.

2. Joni and Friends is built on Biblical truth and the foundation of Jesus Christ. Since 1979, they have been advancing disability ministry and changing the church and communities around the world. The Joni and Friends International Disability Center (IDC) serves as the administrative center for ministry programs and locations across the United States which provide outreach to thousands of families impacted by disability around the globe. They present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all their programs around the world. They train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disability to exercise their gifts of leadership and service in their churches and communities. They energize the church to move from lack of awareness of people impacted by disability to including everyone into the fabric of worship, fellowship, and outreach. You can see more about them at

3. LIFE HOUSE -Learning In a Family Environment provides parent education services in a natural home environment and provides emergency resources for families in crisis. Children in foster care, benefit from this organization in a massive way. To find out more about them you can check out their FB page at

4. Christian Endeavor exists to Empower Youth IN Ministry through its discipleship strategy, coaching, resource development, and network interaction in forty-three countries and across the United States. With over 140 years of experience, CE exists to inspire, equip, and encourage churches to Biblically develop youth as Christ-centered leaders.